See your business from a new perspective


See your business from a new perspective.

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  • Key ingredients to great birthdays and successful construction projects

    May 13 2014

    I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I happen to be friends with someone else that has the same birthday as me. So we decided that we would try to play some golf as a mid-week birthday celebration.

  • How can you use data to make better business decision? Listen to your peers

    Apr 21 2014

    What business visibility benefits do construction companies want their information technology to provide? We recently asked contractors that question in our 2014 Sage construction IT survey.

  • How construction management company Cafco puts their data to work

    Feb 24 2014

    Data . . . data . . . and more data. Most construction companies don’t have problems collecting data—whether in paper or electronic form.

  • Journey to big data: 4 stages of data-driven decision making

    Oct 21 2013

    The concept of big data is still relatively new in construction circles. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Sage, only 13% of construction professionals were even familiar with the term.

  • Beer, building, and
    big data

    Sep 18 2013

    At the University of Wisconsin, two researchers are working on a more efficient way for people and machines to categorize and process big data using beer as their test subject.

  • The three C’s of mobilized business visibility

    Apr 11 2013

    Having clear visibility into your business shouldn’t be confined to only when you’re in the office. That especially holds true in construction where many of the most critical decisions are made amid the mud, brick, and rebar of the job site.

  • Are you collecting and reporting the right construction data?

    Mar 20 2013

    In last month’s post, “Is Your Job Cost Reporting Preparing You For Success,” I discussed some of the factors to consider before you set up a new project’s cost report. Once you’ve got the report set up, it’s time to think about some of the data that helps your cost report perform its intended functions.

  • 5 Reasons construction companies should improve their forecasting

    Mar 18 2013

    Gaining full visibility into your construction company requires a solid understanding of what has happened (reporting), what is happening now (monitoring), and why it has happened (analysis).

  • Peer review provides unique construction business perspective

    Mar 7 2013

    Not long ago I was talking with Georgia-based general contractor Chris Sheridan about an industry peer group he joined nearly nine years ago. I was curious about how it operated and the benefits he was seeing from peer-to-peer evaluations and performance benchmarking.

  • Is your job cost report preparing you for success?

    Feb 14 2013

    You’ve landed a great project. Congratulations! Now you’re faced with the task of building a cost report. Before you begin, consider the following goals of cost reporting:

  • Analyzing your performance to shape business strategy

    Jan 28 2013

    help you keep track of what has already happened and what’s happening now in your business, the next step in gaining true business visibility.

  • Monitoring your business: find, filter, and focus

    Dec 31 2012

    A solid reporting system can synthesize large amounts of this data into useful project summaries, field reports, and financial statements. Take the next step further by using technology to filter through the data and track major risk areas.

  • Reporting: the foundation of construction business visibility

    Dec 26 2012

    There are many different components to business visibility, but at its heart is a reporting system that can synthesize large amounts of your data into useful project summaries, field reports, and financial statements.

  • Five steps to improve your construction decision-making

    Nov 12 2012

    You may ask yourself: "What data can I use to make the most informed decisions?" The answer starts with understanding your business goals. Start each year by identifying which areas you want to focus on in your business to gain maximum visibility.

  • Top 5 worst reporting practices

    Oct 25 2012

    Review this list of the Top Five Worst Reporting Practices by Bruce Vanderzyde. Good Business Visibility starts with good reporting practices. Are you guilty of these inefficient, unproductive business-killers?

  • Got competition?

    Nov 05 2012

    How do you handle competition? From estimating to bid to production, managing your competitive landscape can be as important as managing your customers. Get the latest insight on gaining visibility into your competition in this blog post.

  • The five types of visibility every construction firm should have

    Oct 07 2012

    Are you seeing your business through a keyhole? Learn more in this blog post entitled "The Five Types of Visibility every construction business should have".

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